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Preparing For A Fire Emergency
Posted On : May-20-2010 | seen (331) times | Article Word Count : 569 |

Preparing for a fire emergency cost you almost nothing and can save your life and property with a safety game plan motion. Too often fires are started by careless behavior Dennis Eckersley Youth Jersey , unsafe flame conditions or a chaotic exit plan once the tragedy has struck. Preparing for a fire emergency cost you almost nothing and can save your life and property with a safety game plan motion. Too often fires are started by careless behavior, unsafe flame conditions or a chaotic exit plan once the tragedy has struck. To protect your home and loved ones, a few simple rules and low cost alarms can mean the difference between life and death.

1. Smoke Alarms.

Smoke detectors are mandatory in many states and must be placed in each bedroom and near to the kitchen area. Placement of the smoke alarms is critical to their proper functioning, as smoke rises to the ceiling and creates heat. The alarm should be mounted above the door jams and always be mindful to keep the batteries in good working condition.

2. Cigarettes.

Smoking in the home is safe and legal Dave Henderson Youth Jersey , but be prepared to be on high alert should hot cinders escape the ashtray. The best way to ensure your cigarette is fully extinguished is to douse the butt in water and throw it away. Overflowing ashtrays can ignite the filter tips and create a firestorm in minutes, so keep your ashtrays clean or fill a tin can with sand. In addition, smoking while fatigued in a reclining position in never a good idea in any room of the home. Enjoy your smoke, but with the utmost discipline and awareness.

3. Cooking.

Fire accidents in the kitchen can happen to anyone Terry Steinbach Youth Jersey , so be sure you take all the necessary safety precautions so they don't happen to you. To prevent an accidental ignition, you will want to steer clear of wide sleeves and flowing clothing that could swing by the stove and catch a flame. In addition, keep your cloth oven mitts away from the flames, or better yet Rollie Fingers Youth Jersey , try the silicon mitts which are flame retardant. In the case of a grease fire in a pan, never apply water to the fire as it will add fuel to the greasy flames. Instead, use flour to smother the flames and call your fire department immediately if the pan continues to burn.

4. Electrical Fires.

One of the least expected home fires comes from faulty electrical wiring that ignites inside the drywall. This type of home fire may not be detected until the smoke creeps through the walls, and that is often too late to snuff it out yourself. Yank the cord from the outlet and call 911 immediately. Old electrical cords are suspect Jose Canseco Youth Jersey , especially Christmas tree cords and other seasonal equipment.

5. Have An Escape Plan.

Every member of the household needs to know how to exit in an emergency and you must establish a safe place to meet after the ordeal. Perhaps a neighbor's porch or the grassy knoll on the corner, just as long as the destination is quick and easy to get there. Children must be instructed on how to open a window or use a tool to smash the glass. Fires can sweep through a home in a matter of minutes, so don't be concerned about your belongings or family treasures. Do be mindful of your pets and see to it that they are carted off to safety or directed to an exit. If you cannot find your pet, be sure to leave the doors and windows opened to give them a chance of escape. A decent deck of cards mean that you have to possess those that still have a nice Catfish Hunter Youth Jersey , new feel to them like the plastic-coated ones and not those which are already frayed on the sides from constant usage.S. Oman's sultan, who serves as a middleman between the United States and Iran, also did not attend, sending his deputy prime minister instead. stock markets were closed early Thursday Mark McGwire Youth Jersey , and will be shut on Friday for Christmas Day.
These technical indicators as well as oscillators help you to predict the market trend or stock prices accurately. The sultan recently returned home after receiving medical treatment.

Reflecting those sentiments, leaders put out a joint statement saying that the United States would, if an outside country became aggressive, work with Gulf states to "determine urgently what action may be appropriate Glenn Hubbard Youth Jersey ," which would include the "potential use of military force, for the defense of our GCC partners.

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