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FAQ's by New Residents and Visitors

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von Shelenn
Q) Where is everyone at? I can't find anyone to rent from or shops to visit or clubs to checkout.
A) Metropolis is a large grid with a lot of residents in different time zones. The best way to know who is online and where (if they choose to be found) is to check Once you start adding people to your friends list, you will be able to find them using the viewer.

Q) How do I find places to go?
A) There are so many it is difficult to list them all. Some regions are private, some are public, some have sandboxes, some don't, some have shops, some have clubs, some have games, and some are used for art or education. Not all regions will be live so you may not be able to visit all of them at the time you login. A good place to start is to get a copy of the landmarks from the bar in the Metropolis start region. The second place to look is using the Metropolis Teleporter HUD which opens the page at

Q) What other tools does Metropolis have?
A) Fortunately, the admin team provides a variety of online tools for its residents! Here is a list of some you may find helpful:
Forums at
Calendar at
Avatar Reset at
Inventory Management at
Partnering at
Radio Station at

Q) Are there any free places available?
A) Metropolis, at times will have some trial parcels available for 3 months. Due to demand, these are often full. There are some provided by residents but they are not always easy to find. Post on the Metropolis forums about the sort of place you are looking for!

Q) Can I rent a parcel from someone in Metropolis or a third party provider?
A) Sometimes a free place is not quite big enough and you don't need a full region. Prices vary widely and are located all over the grid. You may just find a perfect fit for you. Post on the Metropolis forums about your needs and see if someone can fill them!

Q) Is it possible to connect a region to the grid that I self-host on a virtual server?
A) Absolutely! This will be considered a self-hosted region because Metropolis has no control over the virtual server. However, based on your needs, it may be a good solution for you if your region needs to be online 24/7 and you won't/can't self-host from home.

Q) I would like a full region that is easy to use where I can build and host parties. Can I rent from the grid?
A) You can rent a full region or varregion directly from the Metropolis team. These are dedicated high performance regions managed by the grid admin team available to you 24/7. The admin team will also take care of any upgrades or changes to your region software when needed. Typically, you can have up to 45,000 prims on your region and many visitors! You have full control over your region and content using the region manager. For more information go to ... =SIM-Miete

Q) I heard people can have their own region here for free. How does that work?
A) Not everyone can self-host a region at home due to their hardware, bandwidth, or service provider. The simulator software will need to run on a system you have (preferably not the same one you use for your viewer software). When the simulator software is running, to connect it to the grid, you will need to allow access via your firewall and your router. This is the only way people will be able to visit your region. If you are not comfortable with allowing others to access the simulator on your system from the Internet, self-hosting at home is not for you. If you are ok with it, then check the post "Self-Hosting a Free Region at Home with Metropolis" describing how to find out if you can self-host a region and what is involved.