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Re: Translator

BeitragVerfasst: Sa 22. Aug 2015, 19:04
von Emil_Jannings
Thank you Magnuz -- you do a service for the whole Metro community.


Translator problem and solution

BeitragVerfasst: Di 12. Apr 2016, 10:58
von Magnuz Binder
It seems more and more people are using this translator, since it for the first time I'm aware of ran out of quota (2 Mbyte/month free from the Microsoft Bing API) during the Metropolis parliament session 2016-04-09 21:22 UTC. The quota will be refreshed 2016-04-21, but until then the translator will only return the original text and no translations.

However, Cloneu Inglewood of Lost Paradise Grid has been so generous he has set up a new public backend for the language translator. You can switch to it by changing the URL last in the translator description, from "" (without quotes) to "" (without quotes, and make sure you don't lose the preceding ";") and reset the translator from its dialog. If you want to switch back when the old backend resumes working at 2016-04-21, you just change the URL back to "" (without quotes) and reset the translator again.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but a big thank you to Cloneu Inglewood for helping out solving this problem.

New translator version

BeitragVerfasst: Mi 13. Apr 2016, 23:35
von Magnuz Binder
Because of the backend of the translator by Magnuz Binder ran out of quota, but Cloneu Inglewood of Lost Paradise Grid was kind enough to set up an alternative backend, the translator has now been updated so it can handle several backends semi-automatic, plus a bug where on/off status wasn't kept on resets was fixed, and the script was tidied up some in general.

There is now an option "Backend" in the settings dialog for the script, where you can chose between available backends. The list of backends is read from a file at, where available backends are listed, temporarily down backends are commented out, and permanently down backends will be removed. If the translator is configured with a backend not available, the translator will automatically switch to the first available backend on the list when reset.

Unfortunately, this makes the server a single point of failure for the translator, but it has been all the time anyway. However, if anyone wants to be independent of this, they can put up an own list and change a parameter in the translator script (xl_backends_url) to point at it.

The updated script (v0.05) is available at opensim-scripting/translator-t4005.html#p26003 (you can replace the contents of the old script "XL1" in the translator with it) and the complete, updated translator (v0.05) is available in-world at as before (the small translator panel under the big rotating translator sign at the edge of the parking deck).