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Re: Parlamentssitzung am 09.04.2016

BeitragVerfasst: Sa 16. Apr 2016, 15:47
von Minethere Always
If I read the translation right, and I am unsure of the possible ramifications, it "might" actually be good to lower rent regions to 20 rather than 29.

There are certainly places who charge such nowadays...which doesn't mean it is necessarily a good thing to do, though.

Even still, it takes a certain kind of person to rent such here who are not fettered by the SL -think and used to being catered to by grid owners. A more independent type of person.

I would be happy to promote such a decrease as best I can, of course, tho mostly in g+.


Re: Parlamentssitzung am 09.04.2016

BeitragVerfasst: So 17. Apr 2016, 01:20
von Marc User
.. und Fotos, voll peinlich, hab ich auch gemacht.


Re: Parlamentssitzung am 09.04.2016

BeitragVerfasst: So 13. Jan 2019, 12:38
von jamesjohn
Great work, Sheera, thank you :)
So I could read the missing part liquid.

What I lacked a little during the session was a summary of the posts from the forum at the beginning of each item. Maybe we could do that at the next session?

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