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FireStorm version

BeitragVerfasst: Sa 24. Jun 2017, 19:57
von SheriffDawn
This Version of the Firestorm viewer is not designed for Opensim!!!

This version may be great for Second Life but it sure is not very good for opensim at all.
This viewer crashed for me most of the time when I am trying to download my inventory cache. It seems the protocols have changed on the way the viewer received the cache files.

Here is what I noticed that after I cleared my cache folder then went to log into Metropolis grid. Soon as I logged in the viewer was reporting I have 1,500 items downloaded immediately then after about 5 min there was no progress at all. Also to note I was locked in place in world, then at that time the viewer decided to crash.

I went back to the previous version this seems to run ok

I hope Firestorm folks fix this problem for opensim tech :))


Re: FireStorm version

BeitragVerfasst: Sa 24. Jun 2017, 20:23
von Sheera Khan
I'm just at the RockJoint with the FS 5.0.7 OS and it is a bit slower than usual but it runs ok for me on a Linux 64-Bit system (opensuse 42.2).