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How to use Freeswitch on metro ?

BeitragVerfasst: Mi 1. Apr 2015, 14:19
von droid crazyboy
I have seen that Metro use Vivox and Freeswitch for voice chatting
Vivox is basicly implemented in viewers and need a 32 bit system or a compatible under Linux Vivox is unavailable
I know you may answer : GO BACK IMMEDIATELY to the non free money maker windows system. You bip bip bip free minder....... :D
but I wont.
So my questions are (using Firestorm viewer on basis but may work with other):
Do I only need to change the VoiceServeType in debug setting from : Vivox to Freeswitch ?
Do I need to do other setting or load others stuff ?
Would the so nice people using Vivox ear me and will I ear them?


Re: How to use Freeswitch on metro ?

BeitragVerfasst: Mi 1. Apr 2015, 15:59
von Sheera Khan
Hi Droid,

I won't ever direct you to the dark side of the force ^^ as I'm quite sure there are people on Linux-64 bit systems using ViVox. They might have some additional 32-bit libraries installed though and that's not remotely that problematic as in Windoze.

The type of service (FreeSwitch, Mumble or ViVox) should be a region setting. So everyone with a compatible viewer can hear you - I don't know which one it was but one of those required the installation of an additional piece of software on the viewer side.

Tim Rogers once tried to push Mumble a bit but I don't know whether the efforts were successful.



Re: How to use Freeswitch on metro ?

BeitragVerfasst: Mi 1. Apr 2015, 19:23
von Mareta Dagostino
Hi Droid,

ViVox has the advantage that it works from scratch in all voice capable TPV viewers. This service is used by SL. The disadvantage is that you need a (free) ViVox account. Good news: For "small or no business" OpenSim region operators the accounts are for free, normally that company focuses to very big clients, even SL is a small client for them.

Mumble and FreeSwitch are OpenSource projects, so they are independent from any company account. This I call an advantage. Disadvantages of both:
1) You need to install and set-up a voice telephony server additional to OpenSim.
2) Any resident who want to hear Mumble or FreeSwitch voice must modify their viewers with libraries, which either they self-compile from old code or you compile and deliver them. As long as ViVox donates their accounts I guess the residents rarely are interested in that work and risk.

Additional disadvantage of FreeSwitch: That software is designed for phone companies, so it is a very large software package quite difficult to set-up. For example it contains tariff unit counters for different "customers", what OpenSim does not need. As a phone service this software cannot work with spatial sound. (Spacial sound calculates the stereo signal and loudness according to the distance and direction of speaking avatars.)

If you are interested in a software project, dive down into FreeSwitch may be an interesting project. But be aware that integrating it into a quite modern viewer may be a big work portion.


Re: How to use Freeswitch on metro ?

BeitragVerfasst: Do 2. Apr 2015, 02:43
von droid crazyboy

Thanks for the answers and advices

In final, the use of freeswitch will not be relevant for a home oensim server and will ask to much work
Not Ia will not try to do it for intellectual purpose .......but later :-)

For the moment I will try to enable voice on my firestorm client.
Seems that using the : Phoenix_FirestormOS-Betax64_x86_64_4.6.7.42398
on a fresh Red Hat distro family (REHL7 / CENTOS7 /FEDORA), mine is CNETOS 7 : 3.10.0-229.1.2.el7.x86_64
using gstreamer and pulseaudio

I need to concede the installation of the following 32 bit things: :-)
yum install libidn-1.28-3.el7.i686 install phonon-backend-gstreamer.i686 gstreamer.i686 alsa-plugins-pulseaudio.i686 pulseaudio-libs.i686 pulseaudio-libs-glib2.i686 SDL-1.2.15-11.el7.i686 gstreamer-plugins-base-0.10.36-10.el7.i686