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Re: OSGrid - the first heartbeat

BeitragVerfasst: Di 16. Dez 2014, 16:36
von Sheera Khan
Hi Savino,

that DOES NOT WORK reliably if you are part of a grid! If your regions are connected to a grid it is the asset server that stores your assets permanently. Your own (region) server only has temporary copies aka caches of those items. If you "backup" your server using an image (like Norton Ghost or TrueImage) you'll miss all of the items in the asset server and not rezzed on your region at this moment. If the asset server goes belly up you are screwed as the items in the caches get stale after a short while.

The best advice is given by Lena:
DO FULL OARs of your regions frequently!
DO FULL IARs of your inventory frequently!
Those archives contain the full set of your items and with them you can bring your virtual self to any place allowing the import of said datafiles.



Re: OSGrid - the first heartbeat

BeitragVerfasst: Mi 17. Dez 2014, 12:44
von frost
Hi all,

Thanks for putting my mind at rest, and giving me the handles to properly back-up all the stuff. I was already backing up the entire opensim directory plus a database dump, but I'm going to automate the OAR thing as well plus the IAR backup thing.

I'm glad metropolis knows of rule nr. 1 regarding backups, "RAID is not a backup strategy"!

And rule nr. 2, "Check if restoring your backups works periodically." Indeed, so many "professional" hosting companies forget about this, only to find out when shit hits the fan that all their carefully planned backup windows are moot.