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Yet another Teleporter

BeitragVerfasst: Do 23. Apr 2015, 16:35
von loguk
I am completely new to OpenSim but used to be a frequent visitor in SL.

I have been using all of the suggested methods for finding locations / landmarks for interesting places, but my insatiable appetite means that is not enough :-)

There are various Hypergrid destination lists, mainly sourced by Hyperica and Hypergrid Business, but clicking through each link is tedious (at least for me).

So...... I have put together a list of almost 600 hypergrid locations and packaged them into a modified version of HGBoard so that they are accessible online directly.

Using this tool I am finding a lot more places, some interesting, others maybe not so, but..... if anyone would like a copy to use as they wish I am happy to send it to them, mod it, use it, throw it away as you wish.

It has a variable definition (at the front) for you to set your home grid - set to hypergrid (of course) which lets the board localise full HG addresses automatically. It also accepts a chat line input on channel 111 with a line number to start the display (so you don't have to page through all 600 items one at a time) - chat line format without the quotes is "/111 99" for example to force the display to start at item 99 (all locations are numbered on screen).

Hope this helps someone :-)

Re: Yet another Teleporter

BeitragVerfasst: Do 23. Apr 2015, 19:40
von Minethere Always
How would someone contact you? Do you have a region people can visit?

There are other sources for hypergrid places.

Here is one blog just done recently ... nd-images/

And here is a service that has been gaining in popularity


Re: Yet another Teleporter

BeitragVerfasst: Fr 24. Apr 2015, 10:17
von loguk
Minethere I agree that OpenSimWorld is excellent, I use it all the time - it has the (dis)advantage that it reorders the list of sims based on current occupancy (popular at the top). Not so easy to refind a sim that you know is there but not near the top of the list - but I love its random function.

Blogs and web pages are good but clicking through on the links is very slow, which is why I tend to harvest those, and many thanks to their authors, and dump the list into a locally based, non-moving, numbered list of sims in my own region (Crystal Palace on Also since my list is pure hypergrid addresses, no more, no less, recreating it is work of moments (well minutes maybe :-) )

But I absolutely agree with you that there are many excellent facilities out there, but don't put me off my newly re-found, very rusty, scripting skills :-)

and peace indeed to you

Re: Yet another Teleporter

BeitragVerfasst: Fr 24. Apr 2015, 11:25
von Minethere Always
oh no, I certainly did not mean to put you off...I love all HG helpers.

My comments were due to wanting to share this around but that I needed more information to do so properly.

Re: Yet another Teleporter

BeitragVerfasst: Mo 22. Jun 2015, 19:43
von Mareta Dagostino
Hier geht es ja gar nicht um OpenSim World, sorry. :oops:

*richtigen Thread suchen geht...*