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Re: MB Estate

BeitragVerfasst: Mi 11. Jun 2014, 19:48
von Smaragd
Huhu Magnuz,
...da hast du dir sehr viele Gedanken gemacht...richtig toll :D ...respect*klatscht*

Muss ich mir mal ansehen kommen ;)

Re: MB Estate

BeitragVerfasst: Do 12. Jun 2014, 12:52
von Magnuz Binder
@Minethere: Thank you for your kind words and offer, and continuing promotion! I will look into how to best use Flickr more a bit later.

@Dings, @bertl, @Smaragd: Thank you for your appreciation!

@Maggie Binder: To give proper credits to who deserves it, it was Maggie who pointed me to the jigsaw puzzle sites, and suggested to use them for Metropolis images, so if anyone have their lives ruined because of it, "SHE MADE ME DO IT!" *points to Maggie* (Also, there are now 10 Metropolis jigsaw puzzles available at

For people who would like to make their material available at various public sites, please keep in mind it is often important how the material is tagged. I use to add the tags/keywords "virtual world", OpenSimulator, "Metropolis Metaversum" region name, and one or a few tags/keywords describing the actual imagery. Some sites do not even search the titles, so descriptive titles are not always of much use, but may need to be duplicated into tags/keywords.

I removed the old version of the Metropolis Explorer Map in region MB Sea 54 today, so after 4 1/2 months running in parallel, now only the "new" version of the map in region Map remains. There still remains a redirect sign to the new map from region MB Sea 54 to region Map though.

More jigsaw puzzles

BeitragVerfasst: Sa 14. Jun 2014, 00:02
von Magnuz Binder
After successfully dodging Maggie's attempts to make me add some of her images as jigsaw puzzles, I managed to make her put up her own album with puzzles instead. You'll find her style quite a bit softer, more playful, artistic and probably more enjoyable to many compared to my own pretty engineerish style, so I thought she deserved to show off on her own. Her jigsaw puzzles can be found at

Also, I added some 34 donation signs with links to the Metropolis donation page on Maggie's and my regions today. I think it would be nice if more land owners could do the same to help rise awareness of the need for donations to Metropolis.

Re: MB Estate

BeitragVerfasst: Sa 14. Jun 2014, 01:47
von Snowie Haiku

New jigsaw puzzles

BeitragVerfasst: So 6. Jul 2014, 22:19
von Magnuz Binder
For those into jigsaw puzzles online, I made new versions of my puzzles with images from Metropolis, with fewer pieces (100 vs. 289) and a more interesting cut (8 vs. 4 knobs), to make it faster and easier than the original ones: ... 100-pcs-mc

Metropolis Map

BeitragVerfasst: Sa 27. Sep 2014, 13:10
von Magnuz Binder
Unfortunately, the Metropolis explorer map in region Map has been malfunctioning for a while now, without me noticing. It showed all regions as offline, making teleport to them impossible, and did not show the online user markers neither.

But now, after doing a bit of house-keeping, upgrading the server to patch the recently discovered vulnerability in Linux and upgrading the OpenSimulator servers to the latest Metropolis release, the map is also fixed so it is fully functional again. Welcome to explore!

Re: MB Estate

BeitragVerfasst: So 28. Sep 2014, 08:55
von Eryn Galen
Great work, Magnuz


BeitragVerfasst: Di 7. Okt 2014, 23:05
von Magnuz Binder
In the middle of the north side of the eastern island of he MB Estate continent, there is a region called Railway, housing a magnetic levitation mono-rail railway concept.

The region Railway top center. (Click preview for full size image.)

It actually started out as an automatic building experiment, generating the winding double track automatically from vertices in a notecard. But once the track was in place, four small 6-seat trains followed. When they were done I discovered that riding them was a very poor experience, with the camera rubber-banding heavily, so I put the project aside. But after a recent server upgrade, I wanted to see if it worked at all, and found the problem with the camera rubber-banding all gone, so the ride was rather pleasant.

Bild Bild
Train and overview of the region Railway. (Click preview for full size image.)

The trains have smooth starts and stops, and a signal system to control them was half finished when I abandoned the project because of the other problems with it. Therefore, I didn't want to promote the project neither. But with the improvements in the simulator, even half finished as it is now, the railway can be a fun ride to try. Just touch the trains to start or stop them, and sit in them or just watch the trains go from outside.

Bild Bild
Panorama and railway station of the region Railway. (Click preview for full size image.)

Video from the region Railway. (Click preview for video.)

Re: MB Estate

BeitragVerfasst: Mi 8. Okt 2014, 11:34
von bertl
Great work Magnuz, just visited it. And I love your observatorium too, I can only recommend going for a trip to what Magnuz is building, very impressively. :)


Kann nur empfehlen bei Magnuz mal vorbeizuschauen, wirklich sehr eindrucksvoll was er da baut.

Re: MB Estate

BeitragVerfasst: Mi 8. Okt 2014, 12:25
von Eryn Galen
Oh, I just have to try that! :)