Dinosaurs roaming Crystal Palace region

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Dinosaurs roaming Crystal Palace region

Beitragvon loguk » Do 31. Mär 2016, 22:35

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There are dinosaurs in the Crystal Palace region, they roam a 5x5 varregion through wooded hillsides.

You are welcome to visit and, if you would like to try your hand, you can also attempt a few pot-shots at them.

But it shouldn't be made too easy, so Wooden Long-Bows are the only weapons allowed, you can pick one up,
and try a bit of target practice at Crystal Palace Centre - the easiest way to reach this is via the Hypergate by the
flagpole on Fulham region.

Many of the flying creatures let you hitch a ride, as do the turtles and Giant Manta Rays which you can find in the
underwater areas, best place to find these is at the Beach area (also accessible through a gate on Fulham region).

A few words of warning - Velociraptors and T-Rex don't like you shooting at them, they may well turn on you ;-)
Also Crystal Palace is a large region with a lot of woodland, please be patient and let it rez for you.

Boats, Motorbikes and various flying things are all available for your pleasure and should be set up to allow anyone to use them (please
let me know if any of them are set up wrongly so I can sort them out).

Hope you get time to visit and let me know what you think about it.

Aaron Aldwych (loguk)
Aaron Aldwych (Crystal Palace region)
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