Self-Hosting a Free Region at Home with Metropolis

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Self-Hosting a Free Region at Home with Metropolis

Beitragvon Shelenn » Mo 6. Apr 2015, 04:01

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So you just registered your avatar and logged in with the viewer. Welcome to Metro! You want your own place... great! But you have questions... it is easier than you think!

Step 1 is to determine whether you meet all the requirements to self-host a region.

System: Windows, Mac, or Linux with at least a dual core CPU, 1 GB of unused RAM (preferably 2 GB), at least 100 MB of storage space on the hard drive.

Connection: DSL may be sufficient for regions without a lot of content or visitors at one time. Beyond that, you really need to have a high speed cable Internet connection for a lot of content or a lot of visitors.

IP Address: IPv4 external address (If you don't have this, contact your Internet provider for assistance).

Router: This needs to be compatible with the Open Simulator software and have a NAT loopback function. You can find this information in the manual for your router or on list at If your router is listed and the status column is Works, then you can probably use your router to connect to the grid! You can get information from your manual or at to learn how to forward the ports. You are going to need to forward ports similar to the following:
UDP + TCP : 8001-8006 (Grid)
UDP + TCP : 9000 (Simulator)
UDP + TCP : 905x (first region)

Step 2, (assuming you meet all the criteria in Step 1 and you know how to configure your router), is to find free coordinates in the grid for your region. You can do this by visiting ... coords.php and a list of already used coordinates is at ... ions&btn=5

Step 3 is to download the simulator software and install it (be sure to allow connections through your firewall when prompted). You can find it at ... r_Software

Step 4 is to configure your router and the simulator software to use the grid coordinates you chose. You can find the details and instructions at ... ?title=SIM

Step 5 is to start the simulator and have fun!
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