Breaking llHTTPRequest in OpenSim 0.8.1

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Breaking llHTTPRequest in OpenSim 0.8.1

Beitragvon Magnuz Binder » Mi 4. Mär 2015, 22:24

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JustinCC checked in a security patch in OpenSim today that may break some llHTTPRequest and osSetDynamicTextureURL*() functionality. The patch is also in 0.8.1-rc2, and

"Local" calls to e.g. or http://localhost:8080/TexFunc.php from LSL scripts will not work after this patch, unless they are either rewritten to external IP addresses like or, or a new exception is added to the Network section of OpenSim.ini:
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    OutboundDisallowForUserScriptsExcept =
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    OutboundDisallowForUserScriptsExcept = localhost:8080

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