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Re: Solidarity with the OSgrid

Beitragvon Minethere Always » Mi 24. Sep 2014, 20:46

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Eryn Galen hat geschrieben:
And thanks to Metro for the gesture of solidarity. I know there is some grumbling about it, but it lifted my spirits and I think it says a lot about Metropolis Metaversum and the people who call it home.

Hi Emil.
I agree and I am sure nobody here grumbles about any resident of OSGrid, it is all about the actions and attitudes of one, two people.
I think solidarity across the Metaverse is important. But I would also like to point out that it is not a one way road. I would like to see a change in the behaviour of those, that still have not done anything to unban people for simply speaking out.

I think Emil is one of the good guys in all this. I still recall that play he and others had here once and I would love to attend another.

For this thing referenced, personally, I think a public general apology should be done. That won't happen though. The problem is that such things are done by people who just do not care, typical lowbrow types for whom an apology is unthinkable, they simply do not have the intelligence.

But the problem lies deeper, and it involves many more people. Those who, for all sorts of reasons, enable such actions in the first place...they support such things, and thus those who do such things easily feel even more justified. And those few who pass around disinformation make it difficult to impossible for many thinking people to understand the true issues, so they just ignore it.

It is even more complicated by people who exclaim the loudest, and it is seen later they just wanted to have their heads patted. And those who supported the underdogs for no reasons other than it is the right thing to do, were thrown in the same basket of disinformation nonsense.

So it will not change, there are simply not enough willing to stand up and to many who want to cause chaos. That's ok in my opinion, though, because, all things considered, doing the right things, in whatever ways they can be done, is always the best way.

As Metropolis has shown, over and over again, and why Metro gets along with similar of like mind, and does not with the opposite mindset...and balance is maintained.
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