NPC fun-))

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NPC fun-))

Beitragvon Minethere Always » Fr 25. Apr 2014, 15:14

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oy vey!! I finally found an NPC that works for this dumb Texas country girl!! yipeeeee!! The NPC cool piano scripted by Frank Northmead that I finally got over @ shawnkmaloney's place in Craft is so simple to use. I just clicked it and made my insanity avie clone, then clicked some other places while I was clickety clicking away and made that NPC piano player....impressive!!

The beautiful Harp with Taarna Welles name on it is very nice, just sit, click, and play. And the other piano is a land radio player also. I just deeded it and voila!! magnifique!! au revoir merci, bonne journée!!

So they are up in the Club thing @ my ForMyFriends region in Metropolis...naturally...and you can use the fun teleporter made by Lani Global to pop on up thar, if you want to snag them, and other misc stuffs.

How is it that I can mingle with such coolness??? wow!!! fans the vapors!!

[and, yes, I do realize I am late to the NPC party..the story of my life, actually-))]

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