The Guitar Museum.

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The Guitar Museum.

Beitragvon oddball otoole » Sa 3. Aug 2013, 00:19

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Albert King
Alvin Lee
Angus Young
Antonio Lauro

Barbecue Bob
Bert Jansch
Bert Weedon
Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top)
Blind Blake
Blind Lemon Jefferson
Bo Diddley
Bob Dylan
Bob Seger
Bob Welch
Bob Weston

Carl Perkins
Carlos Santana
Charlie Patton
Chet Atkins

David "Honeyboy" Edwards
David Gilmour
Django Reinhardt
Duane Eddy
Dweezil Zappa

Elmore James
Eric Clapton

Francesco Corbetta
Francisco Tarrega
Frank Zappa

Galina Vale
Gary Moore
George Harrison
George Thorogood
Graham Nash
Greg Ginn

Howlin' Wolf

Jeff Beck
Jeff Buckley
Jimi Hendrix
Jimmy Page
Joe Bonamassa
Joe Perry
Joe Satriani
Joe Strummer
John Lee Hooker
John Mayall
John McLaughlin
Johnny Ramone
Johnny Winter
Joni Mitchell
Jose Conzalez
Justin Hayward

Keith Richards
Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Leonard Cohen
Les Paul
Lim Jeong-hyun (aka Funtwo)

Magic Slim
Mark Knopfler
Muddy Waters

Nancy Wilson
Neil Young
Niccolo Paganini

Ottmar Liebert

Paco de Lucia
Pete Doherty
Pete Townshend
Phil Lynott

R. L. Burnside
Randy Napoleon
Randy Rhoads
Reverend Gary Davis
Ritchie Blackmore
Robert Fripp
Robert Johnson
Roger Waters
Ronnie Wood
Rory Gallagher
Roy Orbison

Scrapper Blackwell
SeaSick Steve
Snowy White
Steve Vai
Stevie Ray Vaughan

T-Bone Walker
Tommy Emmanuel
Tracy Chapman

Vivian Campbell

Warren Haynes

Yngwie Malmsteen

Nice list of guitar players heh?
This is a list of guitar players that i have hanging around in The Guitar Museum. Well, not the actual RL guitar players, but pictures of them and if you click on a pic, you can get some info about those artists.

The history of The Guitar Museum.
Back in late 2009/early 2010 I started a Guitar museum on Second Life© with a good friend. We started on a small 1024 sqm spot with just a couple of scripted prims that gave a notecard on touch. We kept adding more and more guitar player to our museum, invited friends to have a look around, and to our surprise we became a hit. More and more folks started to visit our place, and soon we got some SL guitar players asking if we host live gigs and stuff.
At that time we didn't host live gigs, but that changed quickly!

Fast-forward 3-4 months: 4/5 live gigs every weekend day (Friday to Sunday), lots of dj's playing cool music on other days, full region most weekend evenings, heck, we even got our place (that grew from 1024 sqm to a 1/2 region) on the destination guide!

Fast-forward 3-4 months again: Still a full region during weekends, lots of hosting to do, lots of drama to take care of, hostesses don't show up, Sl hickups, etc, etc...
All of a sudden a small group of good folks had to spent a big part of RL time in this fun project. The fun turned into a day job, and that took the fun out of this project!

We closed down the museum, sold a big part of the land, and went back to having fun:-)

While all of this was going on, I discovered OpenSim, and attached a region to OSgrid. I was like: "What to do with a whole region?"
Some builds (and restarts) later I ended up with a new Guitar museum.
Just a museum, no musicians, no drama, just prims and scripts. Another hit! Folks showed up, had fun and all was fine!
I became a frequent user of OSgrid, started a monthly newspaper called the OSGazette with a couple of friends there, made freebies, shared things and knowledge, helped the admins testing things, and then there was a change in management.
Hmm, I had some questions about that, but the new management shut down the townhall meetings.
So I thought it was a plan to ask the management directly, but that conversation ended for me when the management starting to make sicks jokes about eating babies on LBSA.
5 minutes later my museum was offline there, and Oddy had a metro account:-)

I have no clue where I heard about Metro after the management change on osgrid, probably a post on Google+, not sure about that! Anyway, I downloaded the metro-version of opensim, started it up, and tried to make a new dynds account....but wtf!?! I dunt need a dynds thingy!?! This works without dynds thingy! Happy Oddy!

Fast-forward 2-3 months (or weeks, not sure!) I am renting a region from Metropolis, It's stable, its fast, plenty of backups, admins are awesome, etc, etc. (Have look here: ... /SIM-Miete if your wanna spend some $ on a region here, its worth the euro's)
I have met a lot of friends from Osgrid, some friends from SL, have a full region to play with. Soooo, I loaded an old OAR from the osgrid guitar museum...And it didn't feel like a new start. and a whole region for a simple museum was a bit too much too.

Another fast-froward: The Guitar Museum is alive and it's black and white! Also It's part of a bigger build, but that is another story!
The list above is a complete list of all the guitar players I have in the museum so far, come and visit it if you like, reply to this post if you are missing a great guitar player!

The guitar Museum is a long-term project for me (hey, I have been working on this a couple of years now!), so things will change in the future!

Oh, the usual taxi: hop://

Friendly greetings,
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Re: The Guitar Museum.

Beitragvon Dings Digital » Sa 3. Aug 2013, 00:27

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This is (another) great project from you, oddy!

Maybe we should have an informal group of museum owners, for infos, fun and stuff.
Dings Digital
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Re: The Guitar Museum.

Beitragvon Minethere Always » Sa 3. Aug 2013, 13:47

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I enjoyed the historical timeline-)) Interesting how things move along sometimes ain't it?

You may have heard of Metro by way of Han Held, who heard of it by way of me when I happened to gate into lbsa once from Metro when she was there, back December or so.

It was right before the blow up and change and i had only mentioned Metro there due to my new love of gating around and had just made an account there also, actually, had only recently even made the account in osg but didnt use it much.

Savino had gotten me to come to Metro as he is good with finding new things and we had met in Kitely when I finally was getting my head around what the %$!@ was all this opensim hypergating

I think Han then went on a big talk about the virtues of Metro around places and such, and it just all blossomed from there.

I had gotten Linda Kellie to come in, as Mia Destiny, and some others and the rest is

I love Metro!!!

If you ever wish to have a live guitar performer who goes around the Metaverse, you might look up Scofi Robson, who recently performed in Francogrid [Praline knows him] and will be performing in a closed grid, 3rd Rock, on Sept 7th.

I am going to work on him some more then to come to Metro also. He and his partner are French and their english is not very good, but they get the

But still, you might wish to get in touch with him yourself, he is DAM good!!! I bet if you got in touch with him he would love your Museum A LOT!!
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