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diabolus art space /CARP projects

Beitragvon Fritz Lang » So 18. Apr 2010, 18:15

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Lena hat mich gebeten hier in Forum etwas unsere Projekte in Metaversum zu erzählen.
Auf Grund das wir alle unsere Projekte dokumentieren, ich werde einfach die Links hier veröffentlichen. viel Spaß bei lesen und kukken.
Nächstes in Metropolis ist ein Virtual Human Engineering (Ergonomie) Projekt in Kollaboration mit TU DRESDEN (Projektname: second industry)

About Art Space Diabolus

The Art Space Diabolus was founded in SL on the 24th june 2007 by Caravaggio Bonetto, Velazquez Bonetto, and Josina Burgess for Experimental Cybernetic Art.
Locations: Benvolio, Malvolio & Jourdain simulators in Second Life, CARP-1, CARP-2, Yoshiwara and Rotwangs_Labor regions in Metropolis Metaversum

About CARP (Cybernetic Art Research Project)

The miracle that we are experiencing today: the Cyberspace, the dematerialized virtual time-space, the worldwide webbed society. where we surf around with lightspeed. An artist that is NOT using this virtual universe as a challenge and a goal doesnt deserve the name Avantgarde.

Art space Diabolus CARP Team stand since its founding for Experimental Art on the most modern medium for Art. Our goal is: to produce technicaly and contentualy attempting and innovating ART with the possibilities of the worldwide web virtual media. In one word we call this: HyperArt (HAtr). The artistic creations we represent we name: Hyperfunktionalism. CARP Creators have created since then many innovations like: Virtual Architecture, Audio Art, Interactive Kinetic Art, complex Cybernetic Art, Worldwide collaborative Audiovisual Improvisation, Presentation Technics, Virtual Education Environments, Virtual Theatre, Video, Collaborastive Creations and Art-scripting. The CARP Team has published all their work, creations and developments in the CARP e-book Series .

CARP Project Documentations:

website: diabolus.ning.com (hier sind alle diabolus CARP videos veröffentlicht)

http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/metavers ... 1_internet
http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/metavers ... a_internet
http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/metavers ... b_internet
http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/metavers ... 3_internet

http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/carp-09 (infos über Avatar Museum)


http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/avatar_history (Metropolis/ TU WIEN Projekt)

http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/camera_o ... milla_noel
http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/camera_o ... lina_kirax
http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/camera_o ... it_coronet
http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/camera_o ... skat_qinan
http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/camera_o ... ess_writer
http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/camera_o ... e_carfango
http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/camera_o ... enega_soon
http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/camera_o ... athers_boa
http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/camera_o ... nam_sewell

http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/carp_cre ... _yoshikawa
http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/carp_cre ... wer_exonar
http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/carp_cre ... e_trilling
http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/carp_cre ... bonetto_v2
http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/carp_cre ... _burgess_1
http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/carp_cre ... _burgess_2
http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/carp_cre ... _stockholm
http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/carp_cre ... ca_shilova
http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/carp_cre ... _bonetto_1
http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/carp_cre ... _bonetto_2
http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/carp_cre ... _bonetto_3
http://issuu.com/diabolus/docs/carp_cre ... fod_nemeth
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